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The Unreal Sound Of A Kookaburra Laughing In Slow Motion

Adjusting Your Expectations

Sith Happens

Blowing Off Steam

<i>Farkels</i>- An Animated Short That's Just As Strange As It Sounds

The Long Linguistic Journey to ‘Dagnabbit’

Everything You Need to Know About English and Other Languages

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Afternoon Random Picture Dump 34 Pics

Two Hilarious Moms Model The Medieval Undergarments They Wear Now That They’ve Had Kids

Gal Gadot Has Angered People Over “Insensitive” Stephen Hawking Tribute

People Are Criticizing Meghan Markle’s Legs For A Ridiculous Reason

The Long Term Effects of a Year in Space

Swedish Model Showcases The Stunning 40-Inch Legs Kids Used To Tease Her About

Some Of The Weirdest Video Games Ever Made

19-Year-Old American Idol Contestant Katy Perry Kissed Without Consent Has Spoken Out

Mom Found Guilty After Shooting Boyfriend Dead In Youtube Stunt Gone Wrong

THE PSYCHO BUNCH - Eight Slashers, One Bathroom

15 Things You Should Know About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This Is The ***’s Secret Speech In Case World War III Breaks Out

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